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These are the amazing people who make up Team ILG.  Each and every one of our team members is trained in human rights issues, immigration law, and client service.  Our expectation for ourselves is nothing less than exceptional.  You should expect the same.

Jose Cruz-Guadarrama
Legal Assistant
Jose Cruz is a Legal Assistant at ILG. He was raised in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico and moved to the United States at a young age. He lived Portland and obtained a degree in Graphic Design and Website Development. As a graphic designer he worked for several non-profit organizations targeting Spanish-speaking communities where he was able to utilize his Spanish skills by designing and developing marketing/awareness material for the Latin@ community. He is committed to making an impact on social justice by using both his language and design skills at ILG.
Cristina De La Mora
Legal Assistant
Cristina De la Mora is a Legal Assistant at ILG. She was born and raised in Cd. Juarez, Mexico. Living in a border city allowed her to earn a BS from the University of Texas at El Paso, but she also experienced social injustice firsthand. In Dallas, Texas, she worked as a middle school teacher, where she met a lot of parents and students who lived their lives in distress due to their immigration status. As an immigrant herself, she is personally dedicated to helping immigrants and supporting ILG’s mission by using her language skills and personal background.
Ricardo Huerta
Legal Assistant
Ricardo Huerta is a legal assistant at ILG. He grew up in California and moved to Portland to attend Lewis and Clark college where he earned a B.A. in Hispanic Studies. During his time at Lewis and Clark he studied for six months in Valparaiso, Chile where he honed his Spanish speaking skills and gained an increased appreciation for social justice. As the son of an immigrant, he is personally invested in ILG’s cause and looks forward to learning more about the complexities of the United States immigration system.
Maria Elena Wieselmann
Legal Assistant
Maria Elena Wieselmann was born and raised in Panama. She moved to the US to complete her bachelor’s degree at Florida State University. She moved to Portland in search of new adventures and has on her way discovered her passion for social justice. She is committed to using her language skills and background to contribute to ILG’s mission.
Elizabeth Skokan
Lead Business Services Specialist
Elizabeth Skokan, née Hernandez, was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico. She spent 6 years in Veracruz, where she obtained her BA in English language, later she moved to Cancun, Quintana Roo, where she lived and worked for 9 years. She moved to Portland in 2015 and became part of the ILG team in 2016. Elizabeth is passionate about languages, art and social interactions. As an immigrant herself, she's committed to help others navigate the immigration system. Since March 2017, she provides remote support from AZ.
Dorian Pacheco
Legal Assitant
Dorian Pacheco is a Legal Assistant at ILG. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents from Mexico and Taiwan, respectively. She moved to Portland to attend the University of Portland, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English as well as a Bachelor's in Social Work. She is committed to positively impacting immigrant and refugee communities by using her skill sets both in and out of ILG, and aims to learn about and take part in policy-centered approaches to enacting social change.
Elise Zeidman
Legal Assitant
Esperanza Tapia
Legal Assistant