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America’s detention system needs an overhaul.


Recently, Stephen Manning, an attorney at ILG, published an article on the American Immigration Lawyers Association titled “The Sorry State of Our Detention System.” Manning points out the cruelty and inefficiency present in America’s detention practices; he points out that federal immigration detention has steadily grown over the past twenty years, though detentions are often unnecessary and ultimately end up costing more in human lives and tax payer dollars.

“As a nation founded on liberty, due process and fairness, we should be striving to minimize detention except where justified and absolutely necessary.” –Stephen Manning

Manning calls for two actions: “estabilsh a national policy to provide hearings before immigration judges for everyone detained six months or more” and clarify what federal detention policy requires, thus limiting the number of individuals detained and providing alternatives to detention.

Read the entire article here. You can also view this video created by Manning which explains immigrant detention in-depth.