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Causa Oregon Responds to Measure 88 Election Results and Urgent Need for Driver Cards in Oregon

On November 4th, Measure 88 was not passed, putting the mobility and safety of Oregon’s undocumented population in jeopardy once again. Causa’s Executive Director, Andrea Miller, responded by releasing the following statement:

“We are very disappointed in tonight’s outcome, but we know that our effort to obtain driver cards for all Oregon families isn’t over. Nothing that happened tonight has eliminated the very real and very urgent need for driver cards in our state.

“So many parents, students, and workers that need a driver card courageously shared their stories with the public through Causa’s 100 days of stories project. Because of tonight’s election results, parents like Ramiro will be forced to choose between driving without a license and not taking his son to the doctor in an emergency. Children like Isaias will continue to live in fear that he will be separated from his parents, just because they don’t have a license. ”

“Tonight’s outcome is one of those painful moments when we see that we still have much to do. Even so, we made huge progress, progress on which there is no going back.”

“While we are disappointed tonight, we are far from discouraged. The need for action is real, and the need continues. Measure 88 proved that there is a new and emerging voice in Oregon politics, a proud voice that can bring diverse groups together in ways never seen before in this state. A voice that understands that Oregon is much stronger together than it is apart. And it is one that is here to stay.”

“Our communities organized in a way and at a scale we haven’t seen before in this state. Latinos, immigrants, people of color, women, young people, and the LGBTQ community came together to register, educate, and turnout voters across the state for Measure 88.”

“We mobilized 3000 volunteers that engaged tens of thousands of Oregonians, building compassion for our neighbors in every corner of the state. We developed over 70 Latino leaders that now have experience in organizing around elections and speaking publicly on this issue. We collected 1200 organizational and individual endorsements, and every major newspaper endorsed Yes on Measure 88 on their editorial pages. Our efforts also mean that 10,000 newly registered voters from some of our most underrepresented communities had a voice this election season, which will impact not only this election cycle, but many cycles to come. As Causa, we see these accomplishments as wins for the long-term.”

“And an unprecedented coalition came together to support Measure 88 that included law enforcement, faith leaders, labor unions, elected officials, and small and large businesses owners. This strong coalition remains committed to securing a solution.”

“We can’t thank our volunteers, new leaders, and coalition partners enough for the time and energy they put into this campaign.”

“Measure 88 unfortunately didn’t pass, but that doesn’t mean any of the problems the law was designed to fix will go away. And unless Oregon finds a solution soon, we will be facing a crisis – one that is moral as well as economic.”

“The Legislature and Governor Kitzhaber understand the grave impact that the rejection of Measure 88 has on our state’s economy, and the impact it has on families and our communities. We look forward to working with them to achieve a solution in the future.”