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Don’t Get Screwed!


Immigration Reform Has NOT Happened Yet.  Be careful.

It’s that time of the season again when there is a lot of chatter on the Internet, TV, radio, Facebook – you name it — about immigration reform.  Why, today, a group of Senators leaked information about their comprehensive approach to fixing immigration law and providing a pathway to citizenship.

The thing is: it is just chatter.  Nothing is signed.  Nothing is concrete.  Nothing to apply for.  Just yet.  Don’t get us wrong, though.  There is a lot to push for.  There is a lot to demand from our elected representatives.  But right now, the best thing to do is:

(1) Determine your immigration status.  We know that sounds kind of funny – but you’d be surprised that many folks right now can qualify for immigration benefits.  It is worthwhile to check in with a good attorney to get the facts on your case.  This is good for a couple of reasons.  One, you will know if there are options available right now.  Two, you will know exactly where you stand if immigration reform happens.  Three, you’ll have a good starting point for making informed decisions.

(2) Get connected with a safe information network.  What’s a safe information network?  You should connect with a good attorney or reputable community organization that can provide you with a safe place to get information about the law and changes in the law.  That way, when you hear all the chatter in the news or from your friends or on your social media networks, you will know that you can verify the information.

Don't get screwed (2)


Check it out Don’t Get Screwed: Get Connected.




We say all this because we don’t want you (or anyone) to get screwed by a lousy attorney, a notario, or some other kind of immigration scam.

Get Connected.  

Pass it On.  

Don’t Get Screwed.