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Don’t wait to renew your DACA!

achievement-363088_6404,200 youth in Oregon will need to renew their DACA status by November 2014. Are you one of the 4,200?  Don’t wait to renew! If you let your DACA expire you won’t be eligible to work, drive, or apply to scholarships, you might have to resubmit an initial DACA application  Waiting too long to renew could also hurt your future immigration options.
But don’t worry––the DACA renewal process is easy and ILG is here to help. DACA renewal cases start at just $250.  Having an attorney help you through the process can help make sure that all of your questions get answered and your forms are filled out and filed correctly. Schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers by calling ILG at 503.241.0035.


If you have specific questions about DACA renewals, check out our FAQinfographic, and current posts about DACA. If you are interested in receiving more information about DACA, subscribe to our information network below.


To find out when your DACA period expires, look at the front of your Employment Authorization Document, which looks like this.
Haven’t applied to DACA before but think you might be eligible? Read our FAQ to find out more, then schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to get started.
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