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Driver Card Update

Press Release from the Oregon Safe Roads Coalition

October 18, 2013


Oregon Safe Roads Coalition Spokespeople:
Ron Louie, Retired Chief of Police Hillsboro, 503-523-7809
Jeff Stone, Oregon Association of Nurseries, 971-235-3868
David Leslie, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, 503-221-1054 x 206

Referendum qualifies; Coalition launches campaign in support of driver safety

Salem, Ore. – Following confirmation today from the Secretary of State’s office that petitioners have collected enough signatures to refer SB 833 to Oregonians for a vote, business, law enforcement, and faith leaders announce the launch of their campaign in support of approval of the law by voters in November 2014.


Oregonians will have the opportunity to vote in support of SB 833, viewed widely as a common sense, public safety measure designed to improve traffic safety and reduce the number of unlicensed and uninsured motorists on the roads.  SB 833, a bipartisan law initially passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2013 and signed by Governor John Kitzhaber, directs the Department of Transportation to issue limited purpose driver cards to Oregonians who pass a driver’s test and provide proof of Oregon residency.


“Oregon needs this law because every driver on Oregon’s roads needs to know the rules of the road and be able to pass a driving test,” said Ron Louie, former Chief of the Hillsboro Police Department.  “Since all licensed drivers are required to get auto insurance, this law will reduce accidents, make our roads safer, and protect everyone using our roads from preventable injury or financial losses.  Right now we don’t have that protection and too many drivers are unlicensed, untested, and uninsured. Passing this measure will make all of these requirements the law of the land.”


“From the perspective of the Portland Police Bureau,” remarked Mike Reese, Chief of the Portland Police Bureau, “this law will enhance the safety and well-being of all Oregon drivers.”


If approved by voters, the Oregon driver card will permit drivers to take a driving test and demonstrate that they know the rules of the road, but it will not give card holders additional rights or privileges associated with having a regular driver license, like the ability to buy guns or get a concealed carry permit in the State of Oregon, to board a plane, to vote, or to get any government benefits for which they are not otherwise eligible.


“Making sure everyone on our roads has valid driver’s identification will enable police to identify drivers involved in accidents or violating traffic laws,” adds Louie, “encourage people to come forward to help solve crimes, and reduce hit and run accidents.  This law is about making all Oregonians safer.”

Oregon Safe Roads is a coalition of leaders and organizations from the business, law enforcement, and faith communities working on policies to keep Oregon’s roads safe.