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Will President Obama Announce New Options for Immigrants?

We know, you’ve been hearing about immigration reform for over a year now and you’re feeling pretty skeptical about it. So are we!  Even still, we think it’s a good idea to get ready for reforms, in case they do come along.  Sometime in the next month, President Obama may announce big changes in his policy with an executive order.

Details of the plan are not yet official, but it is likely that the President’s action would grant 4 or 5 million work permits to undocumented immigrants across the United States. Immigrants without a criminal record, including thousands of recently immigrated unaccompanied children from Central America, could be given a relief. Read more about what changes could be announced in this TIME article.

Additionally, the President has said that he would direct the Department of Homeland Security to use their resources at the US border, rather than within the United States to lessen the number of daily deportations. ILG endorses the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s recommendations to the Department of Homeland Security and urges President Obama to create a humane enforcement policy that will allow aspiring Americans to be full contributors to our communities without the constant fear of deportation.

If you have questions about your immigration options, don’t wait to meet with an attorney! Schedule a consultation now to meet with an attorney before President Obama’s new policy is announced. If immigration changes do come, demand for attorneys will skyrocket, and it may be harder to find a good attorney.

If Obama is serious about providing options to aspiring Americans, delaying deportations is not enough. Obama must restore justice for the thousands of central american women and children seeking asylum in the US.  Right now, those refugees are being detained unfairly in Artesia, NM and Karnes County, TX, where they are being subjected to human rights abuse and due process violations. Learn more!