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Immigrant Law Group demands a RESPECT policy to halt police-ICE collaboration in Oregon


In the past two months, Oregon experienced historic changes in its police-ICE collaboration policies, as sheriff’s offices throughout the state have stopped honoring ICE’s requests to detain people, breaking one of many links in the deportation chain. But not all sheriff’s offices have come out in favor of such a policy, and police-ICE collaboration continues in new forms. That’s why Immigrant Law Group demands that local law enforcement in Oregon adopt a RESPECT policy. The RESPECT policy stops local law enforcement from detaining people at ICE’s request unless there a valid criminal arrest warrant has been properly issued, limits ICE’s presence in local jails, and halts ICE-police collaboration when there is no legitimate law enforcement purpose.

To encourage compliance with the recents changes in law finding that honoring ICE detainers without a warrant is unconstitutional, Immigrant Law Group mailed requests to all sheriff’s offices in Oregon to obtain a copy of each office’s policy regarding ICE requests to detain individuals. Immigrant Law Group included a copy of the RESPECT policy, explaining that this policy is an option that local law enforcement should consider.

Want to learn more about the RESPECT policy? Read the policy attached below. And if you’d like help getting your local sheriff to adopt this policy, contact Julie, the ILG Innovator Fellow, at She can provide legal support and put you in touch with local advocates working on this issue.