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Marching. Arriving. Here.

Marchando llegand aqui photo zoomed in

Our art exhibit demonstrates the immigrant experience traveling to and arriving in Portland, Oregon.  The drawings in red, blue, and green represent this phenomenon, which artist Rolando Avila calls, Marchando. Llegando. Aqui.  The photographs taken by Kathryn Waters evoke a sense of the melancholy, warmth, and excitement found in Portland.

Every person has their own story of their hopes, fears, dreams, and desires.  Here at Immigrant Law Group, our task is to focus on the people in the stories and to defend immigrants and their families.  So that is what we do, every day for each of our clients.  To learn more about ILG attorneys, see about us.

Rolando Avila                                                            Kathryn Waters
Drawings in color                                                       Photographs