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Portland professor highlights unconstitutionality of ICE detainers

The Oregonian recently published a guest opinion by Professor Eliot Young, an associate professor of History at Lewis & Clark College and author of the upcoming book, Alien Nation: Chinese Migration in the Americas from the Coolie Era to WWII.

Young agrees that ICE detainers are unreasonable and unconstitutional and urges immigration policy to “get on the right side of the law.”

After a wave of decisions by county sheriffs in Oregon to stop honoring ICE holds, Oregon communities are breathing a little easier.

Young describes a recent experience in which he and a group of Lewis & Clark undergraduates visited the border at Tucson and were detained by ICE officials.

“Our Fourth Amendment right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures has been steadily eroded by stop-and-frisk policies, ICE detainers and invasive questioning by police and federal agents,” Young said.  “Immigrants, black and brown men and the poor bear the brunt of government overreach, but we all suffer when the Fourth Amendment is weakened.”

Click here to read the complete article by Professor Eliot Young on OregonLive.