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Safe Information Network

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Just the facts – Only the facts – When the facts matter.

ILG’s Safe Information Network isn’t your regular email newsletter. It is designed to keep you from getting screwed. It keeps you connected.

We use it to activate you when we need help getting the word out about immigration programs and immigrant rights activism. We use it to educate you about changes in the immigration law.  We use it to share information about ILG’s programs.

ILG’s Safe Information Network is also a way to stay connected. We don’t send it on a regular basis – just when it matters. When the facts on the ground really matter, wouldn’t it be nice to get a reality-check?  To find a place you can trust for accurate, honest information about immigration rules?  About immigration reform?

We activate the email network when you need to know. Sometimes that is once a month. Sometimes that is once a week. Sometimes that is once a day. Heck, we will activate when there is an emergency, filing deadlines, special news or whatever it is so that you don’t get screwed.

We aren’t promising you that we will send good news – but we promise to send you honest news about what is happening in the world of immigration laws.

And if our Safe Information Network isn’t for you – get connected with another trusted allied organization and stay connected.