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The Vote YES on 88 campaign has officially launched

Measure 88–the Oregon driver’s card law–will impact tens of thousands of Oregoninans. Our friends, neighbors, and co-workers will all be impacted. Voting yes on 88 will take our state one step closer to safer roads by reducing the number of uninsured and untested drivers on the road.

To learn more about who Measure 88 would impact, read their stories from Causa’s 100 days, 100 stories project. Impacted individuals include Waylon, a veteran who would be able to use his military ID to get a Driver Card, and Mayra, who currently has to walk 4-miles to her nearest bus stop to get to Portland State University where she is a student.

Then learn more about the Vote YES on 88 campaign on the campaign’s webpage and facebook. We need your support! Even if you are not a United States citizen, join the campaign by spreading the word to your friends, family, and place of work, by endorsing the campaign, or by volunteering. If you think you could become a citizen, make sure to do so now so you can vote in November!

And if you are able to vote, ILG is registering voters in our office. Stop by now to get prepared––the last day to register for the general election is Tuesday, October 14th.

Everyone deserves safer streets, and all deserve the chance to get to school, court, work, or daycare. Make a difference by voting YES on Measure 88.