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Visas Available Now! Family Preference All Countries

Whoa. For the first time in our memory, family-based visas are available for all countries for minor children and spouses. No waiting.

Family-based immigration to the United States is subject to a quota system. There are limits on the number and types of immigrant visas each year. At least for the last 20 years, visas in the Family Preference 2A category have been backlogged anywhere from 2 to 10 years. You can read more about the visa allocation system here.

And then, there was last month. Visas for spouses and minor children were available – the backlog had disappeared. We thought, whoa. That’s a fluke. That cannot be right. We had never seen that happen before. Ever. Like the last time it happened might have been more than forever ago. So we held our breath and waited for this month’s visa numbers.

And, wow, the visa numbers are still available. It wasn’t a fluke. But we don’t think it will last long. We’ve seen reports saying that the government will impose a backlog again. Visa availability won’t last long.

Think you might be eligible for a family-based visa? Maybe there is some immigration option available to you? Check it out (in Spanish) or here (in English).