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Guidelines for Your Resume & Cover Letter

Your Resume
Your resume must include the following:
(a) Your name, address, telephone number and email address
(b) Your post-­‐high school educational history, including ALL schools attended after you graduated from high school. List the name of the school, the years you attended, your final grade point average, your major, any degree awarded, and the year awarded. You may also include any other special recognition, award, scholarship, or other item from your educational history.
(c) Your high school educational record. List the name of your high school and indicate if you graduated. Please do not include the year you graduated. If you did not complete high school, you must have obtained a GED  in order to apply for a job with our firm. Please indicate that you received a GED.
(d) Your work history. For past paid or volunteer positions, include the name of the place where you work or worked, your position, the dates of service (by month and year), and your supervisor’s name. You may list other accomplishments, awards, skills, training, or other notable items related to your work history.
(e) Your language skills. You should list the languages you speak, read, write, and understand and describe the level of your fluency. We test language skills and expect that, if you say you are fluent, you are, indeed, fluent.

Your resume is not limited to the  items above. Do NOT include:
(a) Your photograph
(b) Your gender, date of birth, age, family status, or personal identification numbers.

Your resume should be submitted as a PDF.

Your Cover Letter
We use your cover letter to understand more about your  experience and skills, your writing ability,  and your interest in the work we do at our firm. Your cover letter must:
(a) Explain your commitment to social justice, or
(b) Detail any past experience  you have working with immigrant communities.

You may also wish to describe how you have used your English and Spanish or other foreign language abilities in your cover  letter.

Your cover letter should be submitted as a PDF.

Questions? Instead of calling us about a job opening or job application, email your questions to