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AILA chooses Stephen Manning as a Pro Bono Hero

pro bono hero final

ILG is proud to announce that Stephen Manning has been chosen as the first western region Pro Bono Hero by the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA).  The Pro Bono Hero Award is a new recognition given to attorneys who are working hard to represent immigrants and their families at no cost.  AILA awards this honor to attorneys and firms across the country that take on complex pro bono cases or handle a significant number of pro bono cases. describes the Pro Bono Hero as someone who “should be a committed, passionate member of the legal community who is engaged in providing access to justice to lesser-served members of the immigrant population. This individual should be considered a role model by virtue of their proven generosity with their time and resources, as well as being a humanitarian-minded attorney who is actively promoting the elevated professional values which pro bono work entails.”

Stephen is one of the very first attorneys to receive the award and was chosen from among all of the immigration attorneys in Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Northern California, San Diego, Santa Clara, Southern California, Oregon, Utah, and Washington!  Stephen’s pro bono work includes representing clients in immigration court and before the board of immigration appeals to challenge consular actions and the consular non-reviewability doctrine, working on the amicus committee to write and contribute to briefs that challenge immigration court decisions and advocated for fair and correct interpretations of immigration laws, and empowering the entire ILG staff to volunteer at immigration advocacy events and lead workshops for local immigrants.

At ILG we are committed to being advocates for immigrant communities and their families and promoting justice for all people living in the US.  It is a great honor for one of our attorneys to have been named as one of the first Pro Bono Heroes and a testament to our dedicated work in the areas of Oregon and southwest Washington.