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Artist Spotlight: Pablo Solares

Pablo Solares - photo for ILG website

Pablo is a professional middle distance runner and a visual artist. Originally from Mexico City, he now lives and works between Beaverton, Oregon and San Francisco, California.

In addition to being an artist and athlete, he established “Imagining More” in partnership with Olympic athlete Shannon Rowbury to promote the arts and athletics among minorities in the United States and Mexico.

We are pleased to present Pablo’s art until January 2015. For more information, please contact Pablo at

From left to right:
Dona Anita. (2014). Oil on canvas. 30in x 40in. $2,500
Maguey. (2006). Oil on canvas. 32in x 24in. $1,500
Xoloscuintle. (2012). Oil on canvas. 30in x 40in. $2,500

30% of sales go to Pablo’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit Imagining More!/psolares