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Ask Walden


Second district Representative Greg Walden has yet to take a stand on comprehensive immigration reform, despite calls from the community to do so. With Greg Walden’s support approving reform is possible! In fact, there is overwhelming bipartisan support towards immigration reform– but reform can’t pass if leadership refuses to allow a vote. Watch our video about Greg Walden to learn more here.

Make yourself heard and show representative Greg Walden that you want him to take a stand and support citizenship!

Here’s what you can do:

1. Register here for the Walk For Citizenship on September 15th-17th. Join the rally for immigration reform, celebrate human dignity and rights, and show Representative Greg Walden that you want him to be a leader!

2. Sign our petition and make your voice heard! Download, sign, and return the petition by September 15th, 2013 and your signature will be added to the petition for reform.

3. Call congress. Don’t be intimidated by our government or your phone–it’s quick and really easy.  Watch our video here for tips on how to call.