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DACA: is it too late?

dreamer-flyerWith all of this talk about immigration reform you might be wondering:  is too late for to submit my DACA application?

Did you miss the boat?  NO!

Applying for DACA is still a great option to get access to a driver license, social security card, and a work permit.  Even better, the proposed immigration reform bill makes it easier for DACA recipients to go through the long and complicated process once the bill is approved.  As it is currently written, the reform bill would make it faster and less expensive for someone with DACA to apply for permanent residence and even citizenship.  Plus, it looks like the new application process will not begin for many, many more months.  As one of our clients said, “don’t think twice. What are you waiting for? It’s a great opportunity. Don’t let it slide away from your hands; make your dreams come true.”

Read one client’s letter about how DACA changed her life:

I am originally from Mexico but I have lived in the U.S pretty much all my life. I started kindergarten all the way through graduating from high school here. I did not have the opportunity to follow my dreams and go to college because I was not a resident and did not have a social security number. All my hopes went down it really bothered me that I couldn’t keep my studies. Thanks to that new law Obama passed “the dream act” my hopes went up!  Just thinking about me being able to follow my dreams, succeed, and become someone in life brought a huge smile to my face! Not only that but to be able to get a driving license and have a permit to work! That is absolutely awesome!

Jennifer Rotman took my case she is the nicest attorney ever! And Myriah her secretary was very sweet as well. I highly recommend them. The process took a while but it is definitely worth the wait to finally be holding the approval of my application and a couple months later receiving a work employment authorization card then a social security card!!!! I don’t have enough words to explain how happy that made me feels!
 I have alot of goals to accomplish now and my #1 is to graduate from a career and make my parents proud! They did not bring me to this country only to have a better life than they did but also for me to be successful and become someone!! And i am going to make that happen!!!! To all the people that are in process of the deferred action always think positive and be patient  and those of you who haven’t applied if you  qualify for the deferral action don’t think it twice what are you waiting for it’s a great opportunity don’t let it slide away from your hands make your dreams come true.