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DACA Workshops – How To Set One Up

Are you a community-based organization interested in hosting a workshop for immigrant youth to educate themselves about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?  If so, maybe we can help.

We can provide a trained legal team to facilitate a presentation of the DACA requirements and application process.  We use self-screening and guided decision-making tools to let individuals make informed decisions about eligibility, risks, and benefits of applying for DACA.  We provide select face-to-face screening of participants with a trained legal service provider. And it is all free.

So what does it take to host a workshop?

(a) Provide an auditorium or venue for the workshop as well as space for breakout sessions.
(b) Publicize the event and preregister attendees (we suggest Facebook or email) (we can help you with this).
(c) Ensure availability of power supplies.  We’ll bring the technology.
(d) Staff on-site volunteers to coordinate logistics and registration.
(e) Provide on-site support for photocopying materials
(f) We prefer evening sessions to daytime sessions.
If you would like to host an ILG Deferred Action Workshop please contact us at to discuss the details.  We look forward to collaborating with you!