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Deportation Repair Project launches!

“How do we end unjust deportations?”

That was the question on everyone’s mind at the Deportation Repair Project’s Video Advocacy field training on Saturday.   More individuals have been deported from the United States in the last few years than at anytime in U.S. history.  How do we document the impact deportations have had in the community and on the immigrant himself or herself?  How can we stop the dehumanization of our nation’s vibrant immigrant communities?

The Deportation Repair Project, a collaborative project of Immigrant Law Group PC and other community based   organizations, is meant to take head on the question of deportation’s impact by documenting the real stories of immigrants who have been or are being deported from the United States.  At the Video Advocacy field training, we learned the fundamentals behind successful oral history interviewing and how to properly shoot video.

Field interviewing will begin soon.