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DOMA has been deported!

ILG-LGBTQ-supportDOMA, the federal law that defines “marriage” as a heterosexual institution has been deemed unconstitutional!

What does this mean for bi-national gay and lesbian couples?

For the first time ever, same-sex spouses may be eligible for family-based immigration benefits! This means, US citizens who are married to same-sex immigrants will be able to petition for their spouses to gain US permanent residency.

Currently, there are nine states that allow same-sex couples to get married: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Iowa, Maryland, Washington and the District of Columbia. But until today, even if same-sex couples lawfully married in one of those nine states, they were still not eligible for over 1,000 federal marriage benefits.

With the US Supreme Court ruling on DOMA as unconstitutional, doors are opening for same-sex couples who feared separation from each other due to immigration laws. This is a huge victory for equality and for our communities!

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