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Deportation Repair Project call for cases

We need your help!

The Deportation Repair Project needs your help identifying individuals who were deported from the United States and who are willing to testify on video about how the deportation impacted him, her or family. We are collecting video testimonies to advocate an end to unjust deportations.

To submit a potential case for evaluation, send a short email that (1) describes the case, (2) explains when the deportation happened and (3) how we can reach you and the deported individual or the family. Send your email to by April 30, 2012. If you have any questions, please email them to

What is the Deportation Repair Project?

The Deportation Repair Project is a campaign that tells the personal and legal stories of individuals who have been deported from the United States under the Criminal Alien Program. The purpose is to introduce the human beings harmed by the politically impenetrable “criminal alien” moniker and permit a discussion to take place about the impact deportation has on real people – not media or political caricatures.

What will the Deportation Repair Project do?

We are creating dossiers of deportation. Each dossier will be a collection of video capsule testimony of the deported individual and left-behind family, the legal documents authorizing the deportation, statement or testimony from any victims of the individual’s crime, a written narrative of the case and a video summary provided by an attorney describing the case. As much as possible, the documents and testimony will speak for itself to allow viewers to draw their own conclusion about the impacts our deportation policy has on the Pacific Northwest.

Who is organizing the Deportation Repair Project?

A growing network of allies in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest including the law firm, Immigrant Law Group, the Center for Intercultural Organizing, the ACLU of Oregon and the Oregon Justice Resource Center, among others.

Why should someone provide his or her story for the project?

To help change deportation law and to put an end to unjust deportations. The testimony will be used in a public campaign to influence policy-makers to eliminate harsh deportation practices that cause harm to people, families, and our communities. Until we can show that real people – not the “criminal aliens” the media talks about are the victims of harsh deportation laws, we cannot end unjust deportations.

What is the time line for the Deportation Repair Project?

Case submissions are due April 30. Interviewing will take place in June, July, and wrap up in August. Media events will be scheduled for September and October.

Is there a person I can speak with before I decide to submit my story?

Yes. Email or call 503.241.0035 to speak with Stephen Manning.