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Immigrant families.  Adoption.  The reality is immigrant families are different and need specialized attention.

Being a first generation immigrant is tough.  Getting the law to recognize the reality of family life for the first generation immigration family shouldn’t be so hard.  But sometimes it is because language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliarity with American legal systems.  Immigrant families are multi-generational and blended.  They may be divided permanently by borders.  Completing a relative adoption —  adoptions  petitioned by siblings or uncles or stepparents or grandparents —  can give your family the legal recognition you need, that is getting the law to recognize the reality of your family life.

We try to make the process of getting all the legal protections needed for your family simple and clean.  We can assist you with independent, relative adoptions.  We can help you connect with resources to support the adoption before and afterwards.