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LGBTQ immigration

So, you are queer?  We are too.

If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or an otherwise self-identified sexual minority, you are entitled to certain immigration benefits and rights. And we can help.

So DOMA was overruled, what does that mean for me?

President Obama recently stated that all same-sex marriages will have the same immigration rights as traditionally married couples do.  This means that any non-American married to a United States Citizen, will have full consideration when applying for legal status, regardless of whether it is a gay or straight marriage.

The best part? Same-sex spouses who have already petitioned immigration services may have their files reopened.  They do not have to re-file these petitions!

USCIS now recognizes that transgendered individuals in opposite sex marriages must be afforded immigration benefits under the law.  ILG is proud to have challenged USCIS’ initial refusal to recognize a marriage that involved a transgendered individual.  ILG argued that the state’s designation of gender must be recognized under federal law.  Thankfully, today, our interpretation prevails and we have secured immigration benefits for many transgendered individuals.

In the asylum and refugee context as well, ILG continues to push for benefits and rights for LGTBQ individuals.  We have represented both gay and transgendered individuals who have fled their countries of origin because of a fear of persecution.

Every member of our staff is specially trained on issues impacting the LGTBQ community. We are all very excited about this new legislation and we have already filed successful petitions involving same-sex marriages.  You can consider our firm a safe protected space.

*Keep in mind that only legal marriages are recognized by these provisions.  The legality of a marriage is based upon state law only. As of 5/19/2014, marriage between queer couples is legal in Oregon!

For more information and some Frequently Asked Questions about DOMA and USCIS inplementation, visit the sites below.