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For DREAMers Only: Update

Will President Obama’s news help me get a… 

Work Permit?

Oregon Drivers License?

Social Security Number?


The DREAMer Memo issued by President Obama may make you eligible for many of these things.

Here is our advice:

Are you being deported?  If you are in deportation proceedings or in detention, you should call us at 503.241.0035.

For everyone else. Our advice for everyone else is: chill.

That’s right.  Just chill.

The new rules look good but we are still studying them. We are also figuring out what they might mean in the long run. And, we are waiting for more information from the government. The government is supposed to have application procedures in place in about 60 days – but it could be longer.

Don’t file anything. Don’t pay anything. Don’t do anything right now.

If you live in Oregon, you can attend one of the free workshops that are planned to educate on the DREAMer Memo. Right now we are working hard on getting the workshops up and running. We should have a location and faculty by next week.  You will be able to come to the free workshops and learn everything you’ll need to know about the new program and how to take advantage of it.  We will post to Facebook, send out email notifications to coalition partners, and update this webpage.

You can email us at to add yourself to our notifications or “like” us on Facebook.

Updated: 6/17/2012