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Community Workshops or Private Screenings

There are different ways to get help with a DACA application.

We’ve put together an explanation of the different types of help offered to the immigrant youth community in applying for Deferred Action benefits.  Each of the options for getting help listed below is completely legit.  You need to find the model that works for you.  Warning: stay away from unlicensed notarios.  When in doubt – ask us!

There are two basic models for getting help with DACA applications: private screenings or community workshops.  What’s the difference?  Well, there shouldn’t be too much difference in the end result: an approved DACA application.  The difference is how the legal service is provided.

In a private screening, a lawyer will review your case in a confidential, individual setting reserved strictly for you.  Most private screenings are conducted by private law firms.  In a community workshop, lawyers and trained legal workers present information on DACA benefits, provide eligibility screenings in group settings.  Good community workshops (like the ones listed below) provide private areas for individual eligibility screenings.  Most private screenings offer individual representation.  Some community workshops offer group processing assistance with preparing applications.

Which one is right for you?  You can try out our self-screen guide here.  If you rank at a 1, then a community workshop will probably do you just fine.  If you rank a 2 or a 3, a private screening might be a good option but a well-organized community workshop could work, too.

Here is some information on getting help.  We will keep this page as updated as possible.

Ask us for help.  Beginning August 18, 2012, our firm will begin processing DACA applications.  Here is how to get help from us.  We have pulled together a whole range of resources to screen and represent youth in our DACA Campaign for Immigrant Youth.  We provide both private screenings and workshop screenings.  For qualified youth who pass the screenings, we provide individual representation.

Attend a community workshop.  Every interested individual should attend a community workshop hosted by a reputable organization.  For a list of community workshops, Causa Oregon and the Oregon Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association maintain a list.  Several non-profit organizations in Oregon are providing help, too: Immigration Counseling Service, SOAR, and Catholic Charities.

Consult with a reputable, good attorney.  A good attorney can do wonders in any immigration-related case.  You can find a list of attorneys at the Oregon AILA Chapter website.  Check out this post on Do I Need A Lawyer?

Be patient!  Being patient will be the hardest thing but yet a crucial thing.  With more than 16,000 eligible individuals in Oregon, the immigration service providers are gearing up to help provide quality services but it will take a little time to get everything in place.  There is no deadline for filing for DACA.  Get your application right the first time because there is no appeal.  If you cannot get an appointment with an attorney or attend a community forum, keep trying.  It will be worth it.