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Immigration Screening: What It Is & Why You Need It

ILG_Logo1Get  Immigration-Screened. Get Immigration-Analyzed. Know Your Options Now.

Call it a consultation. Call it a screening. Call it whatever you want: just get one and know your options.

Here at ILG we like to think about our immigration screening program as a way to get immigration-tested: what is the law today? what are my options today? what could be my future options?

What is an Immigration Screening? An Immigration Screening is a comprehensive evaluation by an attorney about your case. The attorney conducts a biographical review, may run background checks, will research the law, and then provide an analysis about your case and your options.

Getting an Immigration Screening is especially important for some individuals. Any individual with one of these criteria should have an immigration screening:

  • I have had prior contact with immigration,
  • I filed an immigration petition or application before,
  • I have a United States citizen spouse, child, parent, or sibling
  • I have been in the United States for many years,
  • I have a criminal record or got in trouble with the law
  • I completed high school in the United States,
  • I have been the victim of a crime,
  • I am gay or lesbian or transgender..

Any trusted attorney or immigrant services organization can provide an Immigration Screening. To get an Immigration Screening at ILG, follow this link for How to Make A Consultation.  Other lawyers specializing in immigration law can be found at — type in your zip code!

We provide low cost analysis so that you can know what your options are. For more information, follow these links:

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