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June is Immigrant Heritage Month

refugee3Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new non-profit organization, WelcomeUs, dedicated “to celebrating a United States that is fueled by an immigrant tradition.”

At ILG, we know how much undocumented, immigrant, and multi-cultural community members contribute to the richness of this country’s culture, and we honor their commitment to family, culture, and community. We also know that each immigrant’s story is different. As WelcomeUs declares June an Immigrant Heritage Month, we join in their commitment to showcasing various stories and faces of American residents.

This month, let’s amplify immigrant narratives by showcasing the voices and talents of the immigrant community in Oregon. Even if politicians continue to block immigration reform this Fall, we can validate the unheard voices of those most impacted by current immigration policies. Join the movement by submitting pieces that feature your voice, that bring light to your identity and experiences, and that pinpoint your hopes for the future of immigration in the United States.

Send us your photographs, original art pieces, poetry, music, personal essays, interviews with loved ones, films, twitter conversations, or multimedia projects to be featured on our Facebook page and blog. Please help us to reach out to as many voices as possible by passing along this message and encouraging those around you to submit to our campaign.

All submitted pieces should be sent to Please submit as soon as possible, so that we can engage in a celebration of heritage throughout the entirety of June.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to