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New Clients & DACA

How to get help with a DACA application.

You landed here because you need a lawyer to help you with DACA and you aren’t a client of ILG right now.

What do you need to know?

  • Right now, we are prioritizing our current clients for DACA services.  We would like to help as many youth as we can, but we must first help our current clients.  So please be patient.  If we can help you, we will.
  • Remember, there is no deadline for filing for DACA.  And there is no appeal.  Getting it right the first time matters.  We say: take your time and get good help.
  • Under our DACA program, you can schedule an eligibility screening by calling us at 503.241.0035.  You should have your name, address, and contact telephone # and your email address ready to give to the receptionist.  There is a $100 fee for the eligibility screening.  Eligibility screening appointments are available now.
  • We suggest you do a self-screen before you call us.  You can self-screen using this form.  When you call us, we might ask if you’ve completed a self-screen and what your rank was (1, 2 or 3)?
  • You can go to this website & watch the video & also do the self-screen available on their website.
  • If you pass the eligibility screening, we will provide you with instructions on what to do next.
  • There is a fee for representation services in addition to the application fee.  If you think you might qualify for our pro bono services, check out the requirements here.