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The Innovator Project

Leveraging law to support social movements

ILG’s Innovator Project supports social change through the development of novel litigation strategies, creating and sharing new curriculum for public education about organizing for equitable changes to our immigration and human rights legal system. This year’s Innovator Project partners ILG with Rural Organizing Project to empower immigrant communities in rural Oregon. We aim to:

  1. Create family and community response plans for detention & deportations.
  2. Provide the information that immigrants, allies, and law enforcement need to create greater safety and better protect themselves and the community
  3. Build community-based infrastructure in rural Oregon that can help immigrants survive difficult times, work for systemic change, and learn and grow from lessons over time.  Build community trust in this infrastructure.

We will be posting resources, including educational materials, project updates, and lessons learned on this page. Check this page on a regular basis for updates!